Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Part 1, Page 5

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Blogger THEdave said...

a suggestion if I might? Edit the "COOL" in his dialogue, it doesnt fit the character. If he says Ma'am. Then say something like "Dont despair" "Its in capable hands" "worry not."

;) Love the art

3:25 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Hey man,
The only thing I can crit on is what one guy said on DB about his leg.

BTW are you planning to do the grey scale thing that someone did on DB? Good work I just get frustrated with not being able to know what happens next, though thats a problem with comics in general but take it as a compliment as I am drawn into the story :)

2:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Dan! This week`s episode is so romantic. I love it - especially the frame where Alphaman puts Alison`s glasses back on her face. Oooh, the chemistry between these two.
The frame where he gently puts her down is inspired - just her dainty feet and his big superhero ones, with his cloak just visible.
I`m also impressed with the faces of the people on the street - there`s genuine fear and panic here. Very ably portrayed.
I didn`t realise our hero is telepathic. A brilliant stroke this - I`m looking forward to the mayhem this is going to cause between the pair. Between this and his charisma and good looks, Miss Harper`s in for a lively time.
Well done, Dan. The drawing is first class, as always and I`m looking forward to Part 6 already.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Dan McDaid said...

Hi everyone. Thedave, thanks a lot for your feedback - particularly interesting viewpoint coming from a writer. I thought quite hard about putting that particular word in, and I'm still not convinced that it works, but I wanted to maintain some sense of louche hipster cool about this character, and I think this sort of does that. He's not the archetypal superhero, so even though he uses words like miss and ma'am, he also uses slang (for instance, "okay"). The way I hear his voice is Owen Wilson being on his best behaviour. Say, if he was meeting the Queen.

Hey Mr Pickthall. Yeah, I am planning on doing the grayscale thing, but not just yet. Want to press on with the story, instead of going back over the pages I've done and endlessly tweaking them. That said, I have redone page four to fix that problem with the legs. Thanks as always for the feedback dude - and sorry you're having to wait to see how the story goes! The next page should be with us on Monday.

BJ, thanks a lot! I'm glad the story is pulling you in!

3:49 PM  

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