Monday, July 10, 2006


Click to enlarge. Quite a lot going on in this one, so it's larger than the last few. Some minor navigation may be necessary. And as always, if you're a first-time reader, remember to start from the earliest post up.

Also - fear the Terrortron!


Blogger Mr Spink said...

Simply brilliant! Love the machine-gun. It looks tidy, too. What I mean by that is, Part three looks nicely structured. Don't know if that makes any sense. (-:

2:31 AM  
Blogger Dan McDaid said...

Perfect sense Mr Spink! And I was also pretty pleased with the machine gun - it's very, er, bling.

Glad you liked the structure: I worked quite hard to get that right (and getting the text in was still kind of a squeeze).


3:00 AM  
Blogger Miss McC said...

Yes indeed! The first panel is so cool; the light from the flames, the wording of the name of the 'beastie', the dark buildings...Very strong and has this *really* appealing retro look.
The dialogue is working a treat for me too. I like the 'understand 60 per cent..' comment. Witty.
And well done on the force-field!
Every panel has something to surprise and delight the eye, D. Print-publishing this surely a must-do.

3:31 AM  
Blogger Mr Spink said...

Do you think some artists deliberately try and squeeze lots of frames into a page — whether for effect or editorial constraint? Thinking about “Charlie's War” — hell of a lot going on in there. Not that you can't follow it. Maybe it's do with the sort of emotion the artist is wanting to convey. Maybe I'm thinking about this too deeply! Anyway, just an outsider's thoughts looking in. Keep it up, Dan. So much discipline. Makes me sick!

3:52 AM  
Blogger Dan McDaid said...

Hello Miss McC. Thanks as always for your stirling (sterling?) commentary. Glad you're picking up on that retro vibe: though I have to say that a lot of the simplicity of the building is down to me finding buildings *inordinately* boring and difficult to draw. But this works, no? Thanks for the comment about the forcefield - I was really pleased with this effect!

And I'm really pleased to get some nice feedback on the script as well: I like the voice of these two characters, and I think they're going to bounce well off each other.

Mr Spink, thanks a lot. I'm not sure about the panels question: sometimes (as here) you have to get quite a lot of story onto the page, so more panels is a must. But the trick is to keep things looking attractive and above all accessible. Hopefully I've made that work. I was actually more worried that the colours would drown the linework. What do you guys think?

I love Charlie's War as you know: and those pages are the definition of busy. You're though: it's still an easy read.

Thanks chums!

4:16 AM  
Blogger J. R. Pickthall said...

..very nice, more emphasis on the narrative this time 'round, though the visuals are still cool. Im not especially well versed in comics so my opinion may be moot, but what I think may happen as the story becomes more involving is that readers MAY get a little frustrated at the'english' the sky knight uses as it kinda pads the dialogue rather than add info to
the story? if you see what I mean, I love it though but in a way it would be a comlpiment as readers just want even more story, i guess just be careful and dont put catphphrases in for the sake of it, though it is helping to establish the character....okay im rambling :)

1:58 AM  

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